mercoledì 8 giugno 2011

Larry Harmon Productions BOZO THE CLOWN Animation Drawing + Model Sheet, 1958-61

Bozo the Clown (1958-61)
original production animation drawing and model sheet
pencil on untrimmed animation sheet, lithography on paper
drawing image size: 6.25" x 7.25", 11" x 13.5" model sheet

Between 1958 and 1961 Larry Harmon produced 156 cartoons featuring Bozo and his pal Butchy Boy to air on the live-action show that he syndicated to local television stations throughout the USA. This original final animation drawing of Bozo was created by a studio animator in production of the opening of the animated cartoons, and a cel painting was made directly from it. The animator wrote the studio designation “Use for Held Pos. 2” along the bottom to indicate this original's place in the scene and/or film. The model sheet depicts nine typical poses of Bozo that was made for use of the animators of their work on the cartoons. 

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