sabato 18 febbraio 2012

The Little Mermaid (1989)

The Little Mermaid (1989) 
original production animation drawing
pencil on untrimmed animation sheet, image size: 9.25" x 7.5"
This beautiful original rough animation drawing of Ariel was created by Disney animator Glen Keane in development of a scene in the animated feature. It is from Ariel's performance of her signature song—"Part of Your World"—in her secret grotto where she keeps her surface world treasures. She is seen as she sings "the girl who has everything," and the word "has" is written at top right. It is an animator's extreme drawing by Glen Keane, who drew the grid at upper right and wrote the lyric's word. Mr. Keane joined the Disney Studio in 1974 and has been a supervising animator since the making ofThe Great Mouse Detective (1986). He was the lead animator of Ariel, and his work on The Little Mermaid is among the many highlights of his 35+ years in Disney feature animation. The animator wrote the designation "57" at lower right to indicate this original's place in the scene.

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