sabato 11 febbraio 2012

Fantasia (circa 1992)

Fantasia (circa 1992)
four (4) original design drawings
blue and black pencil, black and red lithographic crayon on four (4) 12" x 9"" sheets of translucent paper, image sizes: 8.5" x 7.5", 11.75" x 8", 9.25" x 5.75" and 11" x 6"
These two (2) original design drawings of the Ice Fairy, Dew Drop Fairy and Autumn Fairy from The Nutcracker Suite and two (2) of Cupids from the Pastoral Symphony were created by Disney artists in development of the porcelain animation art sculptures produced by the Walt Disney Classics Collection in the 1990s based on scenes in Walt Disney's Fantasia. All of the drawings are annotated by the artist with descriptive information related to the character or sculpture; one is dated "3-12-92."

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