sabato 16 giugno 2012

Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Lady and the Tramp (1955) 
original production animation drawing
red and black pencil on untrimmed animation sheet, image size: 5.75" x 6.25"
This handsome rough animation drawing of Tramp, one of the film's title characters, was created by a Disney animator in development of a scene in Walt Disney's CinemaScope animated feature. Milt Kahl, one of Walt Disney's master animators known as his Nine Old Men, supervised the animation of eleven (11) consecutive scenes of Tramp, Lady and the Beaver in the zoo during the removal of Lady's muzzle. Beaver wonders "how ya get the consarned thing off, Sonny?" and Tramp steps forward to explain "to remove it simply place the strap between your teeth." The red pencil drawing in Tramp's head and face is undoubtedly Mr. Kahl's work. The animator wrote the designation "65" at lower right to indicate this original's place in the scene. 

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