sabato 5 maggio 2012

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) 
original production animation drawing
red, green and black pencil on untrimmed animation sheet, image size: 5" x 2.75"
This outstanding final animation drawing of Grumpy was created by a Disney Studio animator in production of Walt Disney's first animated feature, and a cel painting was made directly from it. Vladimir Tytla, one of Walt Disney's best animators of the 1930s and early-1940s, supervised the animation of this scene. Grumpy walks away from the cottage after he has received an off-to-work kiss from Snow White on his bald head; within a few steps the kiss' impact sinks in and causes him to pause, blush, and smile. This drawing captures that moment of understanding; note that it causes his eyes to cross. The animator wrote ?111? at lower right to indicate this original's place in the scene; studio stamp denoting production, sequence and scene numbers appears at lower left. The initials of Tytla's assistant, Robert W. Carlson, appear at upper right. 

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