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The Impossibles villains

Episode 1
The Spinner - The Spinner steals a $1,000,000 tiara

Episode 2
The Perilous Paper Doll - The Paper Doll Man has stolen a top secret plan and is out to steal the second part.

Episode 3
Beamatron - Beamatron steals a priceless painting from a ship.

Episode 4
The Bubbler - The Bubbler kidnaps the Shah of Shish-Ka-Bob and it's up to the Impossible to rescue the Shah.
The Bubbler - A supervillain who attacked with almost unbreakable bubbles.

Episode 5
The Burrower - The Burrower uses his burrowing machine to steal half a million dollars from the bank and dig ten mile down to his lair.

Episode 6
Timeatron - Timeatron uses his powers to bring villains from the past to pillage for him.

Episode 7
Smogula - Smogula freezes the Impossibles and seals them within a cave, so they won't interfere with his plans to conquer Empire City.

Episode 8
The Sinister Speck - The Speck uses a formula to shrink himself in order to photograph some top secret plans.


Episode 9
Mother Gruesome - Mother Gruesome invents a machine that brings villainous storybook characters out of their stories to help her with her crimes.

Episode 10
Fero, The Fiendish Fiddler - To get the Impossibles out of the way, Fero uses his fiddle to transport them to different planets.

Episode 11
The Diabolical Dauber - The Dauber uses a special brush where anything he paints becomes real.

Episode 12
Televisatron - Televisatron uses his powers to transport the Impossibles to different television shows Coily and Multi at Fluid Man save it!

Episode 13
The Wretched Professor Stretch - Professor Stretch is causing havoc with his elastical abilities.

Episode 14
Aquator - Aquator has stolen a secret formula and shrinks himself to microscopic size.

Episode 15
The Devilish Dragster - The Devilish Dragster has stolen a very valuable item.Video

Episode 16
The Return Of The Spinner - The Spinner returns and steals a priceless pooch.Video

Episode 17
The Puzzler - The Puzzler steals some top secret documents which he plans to sell to the highest bidder.

Episode 18
Satanic Surfer - The Satanic Surfer takes pictures of a top secret submarine.

Episode 19
The Scurrilous Sculptor - The Sculptor is turning people into statues.


Episode 20
The Scheming Spraysol - Spraysol is out to steal some top secret documents.

Episode 21
The Insidious Inflator - The Inflator creates giant balloon monsters to help him commit crimes.

Episode 22
The Artful Archer - The Artful Archer steals a priceless violin and a million dollars. It's up to the Impossibles to reclaim them.

Episode 23
The Return Of The Perilous Paperman - The Paper Doll Man returns and causes trouble for the Impossibles.

Episode 24
The Dastardly Diamond Dazzler - The Diamond Dazzler has stolen a precious diamond in order to awaken the genie within.

Episode 25
Cronella Critch The Tricky Witch - Cronella Critch has robbed a charity for orphans party.

Episode 26
The Terrible Twister - The Twister is on a crime spree and is stealing precious jewels.

Episode 27
The Terrifying Tapper - The Tapper is a criminal who can transmit himself over the phone lines. He uses this ability to commit crimes.

Episode 28
Professor Stretch Bounces Back - Professor Stretch returns and creates a rubber monster to help him in his crimes.

Episode 29
The Anxious Angler - The Angler has stolen some secret space research and plans to sell them to another country.

Episode 30
The Rascally Ringmaster - The Ringmaster puts on a circus and robs from those who attend.

Episode 31
Billy The Kidder - Billy the Kidder, a cowboy that rides a robotic horse, is planning to rob the U.S. Mint.

Episode 32
The Fiendish Doctor Futuro - The Impossibles fight Doctor Futuro who has come from the fortieth century to their time to steal a million dollar gold brick.

Episode 33
The Infamous Mr. Instant - Mr. Instant uses his insta-gun which can make anything in an instant to help him commit crimes.

Episode 34
The Crafty Clutcher - The Clutcher uses an invention that brings his gloves to life.

Episode 35
The Not So Nice Mr. Ice - Mr. Ice and his assistant Freeze are freezing the city in order to take over it.

Episode 36
The Bizarre Batter - The Batter kidnaps a baseball star and holds him for a ransom of $1,000,000.

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